Sustainability Stats

At Aviva Investors we believe that responsible investment requires a detailed understanding of sustainability issues. As a major international real estate asset manager, we are working with our partners and advisors to fully play our part in ensuring the real estate industry plays a leading role in addressing the world’s sustainability challenges. At Aviva Investors real estate we believe that through a major commitment to sustainability and its complexities we will continue to deliver our clients investment objectives.

At Kingsgate Shopping Park we care about the environment and aim to reduce our impact on it by listening to our staff, customers and our community.

Do we recycle?

Yes we do.

We encourage our retailers to adopt/participate in recycling programmes. Retailers selling clothes for example recycle their coat hangers, with TK Maxx, M & S & JJB stores recycling in excess of 90% of their hangers. Sainsbury’s supermarket provides a full range of recycling receptacles for the community to use, as well as recycling their own waste. Most of our other retailers have company procedures for recycling significant amounts of their waste and packaging materials.

How do we manage water and electricity

Water and electricity to each unit is individually supplied and monitored by each tenant. All of our retailers are very conscious of their energy usage and have over recent years sought ways to reduce consumption with most changes associated with changing lamps to those that have a more efficient output. Common area water and electricity is metered and consumption is monitored regularly. Lighting in the majority of the common areas of the Park is controlled by timers.

Do we care about the local community?

What are our future plans

In the near future we are looking to upgrade the lighting in the common areas of the park, to provide more modern energy efficient fittings. We are reviewing ways in which to reduce energy consumption within the management suite. We continue to liaise with our tenants to see if more can be done to reduce waste being sent to landfill.